Canadian Income Taxes For Artists

Are you a self-employed artist? Do you have a day job as well as work as a musician? Perhaps you have several part-time jobs, or you are an instructor as well as a performer? Have you received a grant, or been a recipient of crowd funding or other forms of fundraising? Are you part of a collective, partnership, dance troupe, small music ensemble? Do you work from home as a graphic designer, illustrator, consultant, web designer, music teacher or photographer?

band-691224_1280In all of these cases and more, we can help! As a prospective client, we will go over your specific employment situation and assess what you need to ensure your taxes are filed correctly. In most cases, you receive an easy to follow five-page form called a Tax Organizer. Complete the form as thoroughly as possible and return it to us with any tax slips (T4As, T4s, T3s etc.) along with any other information requested on the Tax Organizer. We review your details and respond with specific questions designed to optimize your return.

Canadian Corporate Taxes

At this time, Harmony Tax Services is not accepting corporate work, or Not-for-Profit work.

Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) / Goods and Services Tax (GST) Returns

If you have self-employment income, you may have an HST / GST number. Harmony Tax Services can complete your return on your behalf, assess your filing requirements and help update as needed. Are you unsure of what a GST/ HST number is and whether you need it? Contact us!

US Taxes and World Taxes

Harmony Tax Services does not complete taxes outside of Canada.